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In almost any facility, hallways, lobbies, aisle ways and other large area floors make up a huge percentage of cleanable
surface area. They can also be the most important too. If not maintained properly, the surfaces can quickly become
unsightly, unsanitary and unsafe, leaving a poor impression or even driving customers away. Worse, they can become

unhealthy or dangerously slick, contributing to illness and accidents.



Your patrons may not remember clean seating, but they will remember dirty upholstery. APC
steam-cleaning systems and methods can remove the stains, grease and dirt from your seats and other upholstered furniture.

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A dirty business is off-putting to customers, clients and employees. Proper sanitation is crucial. A building that is neat in appearance may not necessarily be clean. Without regular professional cleanings, your business could be full of germs and bacteria, as well as diseases such as the Flu, Strep, Respiratory illnesses, Staph and more. The old mop and bucket approach to cleaning isn’t good enough when you’re talking about a public or high-traffic space.



Pressure washing restores the looks, and beauty of all properties by removing dirt accumulation and corrosion. By hiring our professional power washer to remove dirt, grime, moss, and stains, you'll be showing off your businesses in the best light possible.



The best way to deal with disease is not to treat it but to prevent it, and some strategies are rather simple. For example, experts agree that good personal hygiene is vital to preventing the spread of disease. Another critical component is hygienic cleaning of environmental surfaces, especially those
that come into direct contact with skin. In fact, the more we understand about disease and how it is transferred, the more clear the importance of cleaning becomes. That's why so many environmental scientists consider it the first line of defense against infectious disease.

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Children's indoor play structures - such as those areas containing tubes, tunnels, slides, climbing ropes and webs, as well as inflatables and trampolines - have become modern day conveniences. 


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