Our Mission

Absolute Power & Clean was created out of an honest purpose…..The goal; Cleaner, healthier living for us, you, our children,  & our families. It started in patient-care. Alfredo & Prisma met in the Operating Room, both CST’s in Cardio-Vascular Surgery. Their roles in the Operating Room were many- from patient advocates to passing or assisting in an Open-heart surgery. To a very important one, one that lead  to the creation of Absolute. According to the Association of Surgical Technologists, a CST is an expert in the theory and applications of the principles of asepsis and sterile technique, those roles take place before, during, & after a patient undergoes surgery. Alfredo & Prisma dedicated many years to the operating room, and they remain very thankful to God for allowing them in that special path he had for them. Being the adventurous people that they are, one day they decided to choose another path and go into business, but they didn’t know what…. Pensive, for many weeks.. Prisma would explain to Alfredo that whatever they did decide to go into, it had to be with Purpose. After all it would be hard to top being in patient-care. One of life’s greatest purposes. Then it came, why not be in “human-care”, as in all of us, healthy & non healthy. How? At that time, the Ebola virus had spread in the states, and it seemed every-time you would turn on the t.v. one would hear about diseases spreading, how to treat them,  & endless cleaning hazmat videos. Most of the disease talk was well understood by Prisma and Alfredo, having that CST background. They began to research general public areas & how they are cleaned and maintained, like public restrooms, indoor playgrounds, restaurant dining areas. Their conclusions were shocking, not only were pathogens found in these areas, but these areas were alarmingly dirty – built up soils & grime on ceilings, floors, walls, grout lines – & so there started our purpose – treating high-traffic areas like public restrooms, restaurants, schools, like the healthcare industry treats it’s areas. We developed our Absolute Hygienic Cleaning Methods – The process of properly cleaning an area to rid it from stuck on grime, debris, & soils to disinfecting to achieve 99.99% disease free surfaces. 

Our team


Owner - Operator

Alfredo was born & raised in Plainview Texas. He moved to Lubbock right after high school, earning his degree in Surgical Technology - Applied Sciences. He worked as a Certified Surgical Technologist for 10 + years traveling all over the country, as a traveling CST, specializing in Cardio-Vascular Surgery in Adult & Pediatrics. One of Alfredo’s top Achievements in his CST career was traveling with the International Children’s Heart Foundation – a medical mission providing free medical care/surgery to children in developing nations who are born with Heart Disease/Heart defects.  He loved every moment of working in the Operating Room and is so appreciative to God for giving him the experience. Becoming an entrepreneur had always been one of Alfredo’s aspirations. Towards the end of his career as a CST, he met the love of his life and soon to be business partner, Prisma. 

“Go to our story to read how Absolute Power & Clean began” 

Present Day: 

Alfredo loves operating his businesses, building relationships with employees that focus on growth & setting goals for themselves, and spending time with Prisma and their daughter Aubree Giselle. In between his very busy work & family life schedule, his favorite thing to do is to travel with Prisma and Aubree to different places to relax and reset the mind.

Prisma Brito-DeAnda

Owner – Administration

Prisma was born and raised in Lovington, New Mexico. Very early in her life she was exposed to business. Her parents being entrepreneurs, had different business ventures as she grew up. One of them was a retail western store called Brito’s Western Wear. She grew up in that store, form being the bored 10 year old kid that would hope someone would walk in just so she could spark up a conversation to make closing time come quicker to that eager 20 year old wanting to hit her sales quota for the day, she learned how to engage with customers and give them a great shopping experience. She learned it all and quickly, taking after her hard-working parents. She graduated high-school & thought she had it all figured out, attend local university for business classes and take on family business…. Prisma found herself wanting something more throughout the years. She made the decision to move to Lubbock Texas for school, there she earned her degree as a Surgical Technologist & began working for Covenant Health System where she specialized in Cardio-Vascular Surgery in Adults and Pediatrics. It seemed like there she found her calling. She met the love of her life and soon to be business partner, Alfredo in the O.R.

Present Day 

Prisma thrives in a busy fast-paced environment she dedicates her time to Absolute by handling admin roles & focusing and specializing in  “Hygienic Cleaning”  in the commercial environment – high trafficked areas. She & her team develop methods of cleaning and removing soils in different areas, focusing on disease prevention. Absolute methods of cleaning hard surfaces have been recognized by the National Floor Safety Institute as High-Traction safety. 

She also dedicates her time in the Operating Room as a CV Surgical Technician a couple days a week. This role helps her manage stresses of life & business. 

Prisma loves to be with Alfredo & Aubree, she loves supporting them in their endeavors, she keeps God and her faith very close by. 

Our Absolute Technicians 

Jaime Lomeli

Quality Control  

Jaime is from Plainview, Texas. He enjoys traveling, eating great food, & spending time with his Nephew Nathaniel & Niece Lizette. 

What do you like about working for Absolute Power & Clean?

“Absolute is a company that challenges me to do better in many ways, from work life to my personal life. We have a great team dynamic & I’m proud to work with people who I can also call my friends. I like to focus on motivating my team to do better, I have a 5 minute motto – that is to take an extra 5 minutes to check your work – make sure everything is perfect – that is the difference of Absolute we go over and beyond for our customers.”

When it comes to the Services Absolute provides, what do you take pride in the most?

“Customer satisfaction is # 1 to me, I love to talk to our customers about the results of our services. It’s always very humbling to me when we are told we are the Absolute best at what we do.”

Alex Mendoza

Hygienic Technician 

Alex is from Plainview, Texas. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Kimberly, & his 2 kids Genesis & Israel.

What do you like about working for Absolute Power & Clean?


“Absolute is a company that gives back to their employees & community, I feel appreciated & valued working here.


When it comes to the Services Absolute provides, what do you take pride in the most?


“I have younger kids, before I started working with Absolute, I never placed importance on how clean an indoor playground was or a public restroom. Working here has totally changed the way I see areas, I check if they are actually hygienically cleaned. It’s important to me because the work we are doing in these areas are truly keeping children/people safe from catching diseases that spread. 

Martin Lujan

Lead Hygienic Technician

Martin is from Plainview, Texas. He enjoys spending time with his family & friends. 

What do you like about working for Absolute Power & Clean?

“I really like the schedule & flexibility I have with this company. Spending time with my family is very important to me. Absolute sees how important that is. They create an environment that helps balance work life & family life.” 

When it comes to the Services Absolute provides, what do you take pride in the most?

“I take a lot of pride in every location that we service. Main reason why is because we are making such a big difference in these areas. When it comes to Hygienic Services, we simply are the Absolute best.  Our customers remind us often that our services compare to none.”

Hours of operation 

Mon-Thu: 9AM to 8PM

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Sat-Sun: Closed

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